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Welcome! I'm Tidbit and this is the place for information! 

Want some insight on Glori's process with candle making and jewelry making? This is the place to be and I will be your guide!

Sparkles Burn!

When my friend, Claire, and I were just starting on our candle making adventure we decided that sparkles were a pretty cool addition to the candles. What we did not realize is that if you put too many sparkles in at once near the wick  - they light on fire!

So……now we have a separate glass in the candle that holds a tealight. Then we can add sparkles to our hearts content and not worry about them all catching on fire!

i hate resin!

Whenever I pour resin for the sea glass pendants it is quite the process and I consistently end up with the stuff all over myself as well as most items around me. I am continuously evolving and finding new ways to make the process easier…


My current idea is using a paintbrush to add the resin to the pendant so as not to overflow the bezel. It is not perfect, but at the resin does not go all over me and everything else!

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