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Also, I find peace walking the beach after a sunrise and searching for sea glass and seashells. Through my cherished finds, I make them into unique jewelry using resin to enhance the beauty of the ocean's gift.          

I have been a member of Saratoga Arts for several years. In 2019, I submitted photographs to their Art @ Work project for Hudson Headwaters. My photograph, Route 4 Sunset, was chosen to be part of a permanent collection on display in one of the local Hudson

Headwaters offices. Also, in 2020 I exhibited

my work during an on-line showing of

Art in Public Places.

Currently, I reside in Greenwich, New York. I travel every chance I get, always looking for the next awe-inspiring sunrise to share.

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Artist Statement


Since I was young I have taken my camera with me wherever I go – because a perfect photo opportunity can happen when you least expect it!


The beach is my passion - so I take numerous sunrise and sunset pictures on the ocean every chance I get but a flower in bloom or a butterfly unfurled is just as important to nourish the soul. My hope is that the photographs I share will bring back sweet memories of happier times for all those that are struggling to find beauty in their lives.

An early morning stroll on the beach spent searching for gifts from the sea is one of my most joyful of past times. Smooth frosted sea glass and wave tossed sea shells inspire me to create jewelry as unique and beautiful as the ocean they come from. It is my sincerest desire that each person who wears one of these pieces is reminded that every day, in every way, they are just as special and unique. Life is so very fleeting – remember to LIVE every day.

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Glori Harrington – Artist Biography


I was born in the extraordinary state of Vermont in 1973 and became aware, at a young age, of the beauty that surrounded me. Once I witnessed a sunrise over the ocean and I knew I had to capture and share the joy it brought to my soul.

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